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St. Rose House

In October of 2009, Rosaria completed construction of St. Rose House on the grounds of the St. Rose of Lima Parish in Gaithersburg, MD. The four-bedroom property has become home to three men with intellectual disabilities. Their live-in care provider resides in an apartment built into the home’s lower level.Our residents have become an integral part of the parish community through the efforts of a committee of caring parishioners who interact with the men on a regular and ongoing basis.

St. Rose of Lima Parish (Archdiocese of Washington) donated the land for the house. Montgomery County, MD provided the construction financing. Jubilee Association of MD selected and provides care for the residents. Potomac Community Resources, Inc. helps the parishioners to work with the residents effectively. The State of Maryland provides funding for care and housing.

Rosaria conceptualized the opportunity; and identified and engaged the various resources mentioned above in bringing the project to fruition.